Cedar County – Herbert Hoover Trail Bridge Over Wapsinonoc Creek

Bridge & Culvert – Design & Rehabilitation

This project originated when CB&A was requested to review the existing 40’ x 14’ timber trestle bridge to carry construction equipment to maintain the existing limestone trail.  Though the bridge was originally designed to carry rail traffic, a bridge inspection revealed years of deterioration had taken their toll and heavy construction equipment could not be allowed to cross. CB&A assisted the County Conservation Board (CCB) in applying for a grant the included engineering design, detailing and construction of a replacement structure.

With receipt of the replacement grant, CB&A worked with the CCB to identify a replacement structure that satisfied the desired aesthetic and service needs.  Coordinating with likely fabricators, CB&A concluded a 40’ x 14’ pre-engineered steel truss bridge satisfies that criteria. The plans included provisions for a concrete bridge deck and reinforced concrete abutments supported by steel pile designed to carry HS20-44 loading.

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