Bridge & Culvert – Design & Rehabilitation

Bridges and culverts are foundational for roadways across Iowa, but it’s difficult to know if rehabilitation is the right answer. At CB&A, we’ll apply our expertise to give you honest answers and viable solutions—and then tackle the problem.

As bridges and culverts begin to deteriorate over time, it’s incredibly important to recognize what sort of project you’re facing. Is the cost of rehabilitation worth it? Should you build a new bridge instead? These are difficult questions that require thorough evaluation and years of experience to identify the best solution for your situation.

At CB&A, we’ve completed more than 2,100 bridge, culvert, and roadway projects. We inspect thousands of structures every year, and we’ve seen just about everything. Using these experiences as a tool, we can help our clients come up with a safe and cost-effective solution for the problem—and give honest answers for what will and won’t work. Our team of engineers and technicians has taken on large, complex projects and routine designs, delivering quality rehabilitation and reconstruction on tight timelines and within narrow budgets.

Beyond our own experiences, we’ve developed strong relationships with Iowa DOT, Iowa DNR, Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management, as well as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help in project coordination. We also work with well-respected consultants to handle surveys, plat preparation, and issues ranging from geotechnical and environmental to archaeological and historical.


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