Bridge Inspection & Analysis

With ever-changing regulations and conditions, your community’s bridges can be a financial and logistical burden. At CB&A, we’re dedicated to providing detailed analysis and recommendations to save our clients time, money, and frustration.

The condition of your bridges is key to the wellness of your community. By keeping a close eye on them, you can track the condition over time in order to plan for rehabilitation or replacement. But, regulations are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up without the technical knowledge, experience, and connections needed to ensure the safety of your bridges.

CB&A is the leader in Iowa for bridge inspection and load rating analysis, with more than 10,000 biennial bridge inspections across the state. Because we serve over 150 communities every year, we’re continually keeping up to date with new rules and regulations to ensure our clients’ bridge inspections are up to code and above standard.

For more than 30 years, we’ve coordinated with Iowa DOT and FHWA officials on bridge inspection, load rating, and coding requirements. Every bridge represents a unique situation with a unique set of needs. Our engineers are certified Team Leaders or Program Managers, qualified to make in-depth inspections, structural analyses, and offer clear, precise guidance for any bridge.

For us, service is everything. We work with our clients to provide immediate repair options, when necessary, and provide summary lists of our clients’ bridges for recommendations concerning planning, budgeting, and scheduling future maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement.

Fracture Critical Inspection with a Snooper Truck.
Fracture Critical Inspection with a Manlift.

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